The partnerships we have built with charities have been one of the highlights of our development over the past 150 years, and they have now become a big part of the fabric of the Bullen community.

Working with member organisations has allowed us to innovate in every aspect of what we do, from service delivery and customer care to dispensing of prescriptions and extending the range of tailored complimentary items. In fact, everything we do with each individual charity is personal to them, like a fingerprint.

We are already incredibly lucky to be able to get to know each and every one of our customers individually. Working with member organisations has reinforced just how much we love to get to know the important details - their families, their pets and the other small (but important) details that help us get to know them better.

Bullen Expertise

Our expertise has also grown. Working with charities such as Shine, Debra, the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (SBH Scotland) we pride ourselves on working closely with their teams and members to ensure we know how we can best help them and provide specialist advice regarding their urology, stoma, pharmaceutical and lifestyle needs.

We regularly take the opportunity to listen to their feedback, any concerns or ideas for adding new elements to our services that can make a big difference to their lives. As a direct result we continually innovate in every aspect of what we do. Their feedback lets us know that this level of intervention and innovation has already changed, and in some cases transformed, their lives and this is something that makes us extremely proud.

We have always believed that collaboration allows us to achieve so much more - the progress we are making in delivering bespoke home delivery services for charities confirms this belief and we will continue to innovate to achieve even more on behalf of them and their valued members.

Why not see our latest testimonials and see how we are working with members from a variety of charities across the UK.

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