What is the Trio Genii Pouch?

The Trio Genii pouch is the first colostomy and ileostomy pouch in the world that uses a unique silicone technology in the flange. This means that the bag sticks with a unique adhesive, seals perfectly to protect your skin and moves with your body so it feels like it's not even there.

Why use a Genii Pouch?

This bag was designed after conversations with nurses and ostomates, who made it clear there was room for improvement with colostomy and ileostomy bags. Many people complained of suffering with skin problems around their stoma, such as irritation, leaks and reactions to their flange.

The silicone technology is designed to be kind to your skin and make your bag feel more secure. The bag is so light, it feels like its barely even there! These bags come in a range of sizes and colours, for both colostomy and ileostomy bags.

What are the key benefits of the Genii Bag?

The Genii bag provides reassurance by:

  • Sticking to your skin with a unique silicone adhesive
  • Less risks of leaks
  • Seals perfectly to protect your skin
  • No pain or damage to your skin when removing the bag
  • Soft, comfortable and discreet
  • Lightweight and flexible so it feels like there it's not even there

Who is suitable to use the Trio Genii Pouch?

The Trio Genii bag is ideal for people who have a colostomy or ileostomy.

How do I get a Trio Genii Pouch?

The Trio Genii bag is available on NHS prescription. We recommend requesting a sample of this product before adding it to your prescription. Please scroll down to request a sample of this product.

NHS Prescription

To get the Trio Genii bag on your NHS prescription, please speak to your GP, Stoma Nurse, Prescription Service or Home Delivery Company.

If you would like to more information or to request a sample, please contact us using the form below or email info@bullens.com.

Request a sample of the Trio Genii Pouch

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