Can your ostomy seal mould itself?


If your flange or seal goes gooey around your stoma, it is because the body waste is being absorbed and melting it. This can put the skin around your stoma at risk of damage.

Trio Siltac® is a unique soft silicone ostomy seal that is designed to protect the skin immediately around the stoma from irritation and breakdown by providing a snug fit. It helps to close the gaps around the stoma protecting the skin from stool or urine. Trio Siltac® doesn’t go gooey and mushy like your usual conventional products.

Trio Siltac® works by responding to the stoma’s natural shape, bending and moving as your stoma works throughout the day.

You simply stretch it around the stoma to provide a secure seal without the need to ‘mould’ to fit; it just returns to its natural shape making it quick and easy to use.

Try Trio Siltac® for yourself by requesting your free sample today, and see the difference that it can make to your stoma care routine. 

Trio Siltac® is available on NHS prescription.

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