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"Talking to my personal advisor, it’s a bit of a chat and a giggle, because it’s not the nicest thing to talk about. You’re talking about poo pouches and all the rest of it and yet you have a laugh about it with these people and it does impact on me, because as I say it’s not something you particularly want to discuss with people but they’re very, very friendly and it takes a weight off your mind really."View our customer stories


Over the years we have worked alongside many customers who are planning for, or recovering from, their stoma surgery. For some, this journey prior to surgery may have been a difficult one with many challenges, and delivering the right kind of support becomes even more important. Whether you are a parent with a child who has a stoma, or an individual, we know that choosing the right home delivery service is critical.

With a dedicated stoma team of advisers, many years of experience, and a real understanding of our stoma customers, we have developed a service that provides our customers with ‘one less thing to worry about’ at a time when there may be many concerns.

However, it is more than that. We know that you want reassurance and support so we make sure that you are given your own personal care adviser, and it is them that you will speak to during recovery and for the duration. It is also them who will talk to you as you start to love a full life again – chatting to them about your travels, pets, grandchildren and day to day stuff that makes up so much of our ‘ordinary’ days.

You see, we feel it is important that you get to know each other as friends and confidants. Only then can we deliver on our promise of providing you with a truly personal service.

Why not take a look at our customers’ stories as they describe how their personal stoma advisers have helped them to get through some difficult days. If you are preparing for or have recently recovered from stoma surgery please call us today on 0800 888 501 and chat to one of our lovely team to see if we could also help you. Alternatively click here to fill in our short enquiry form and one of the team will contact you as soon as possible.


Whilst continence issues may be common we understand that it may feel very personal to you. At Bullen Healthcare we have been supporting customers across the UK with continence management and support for many years, ensuring that they do not feel alone and they can not only maintain but enhance their quality of life.

Our home delivery service can deliver all of your urology and continence appliances such as catheters and sheaths, in addition to any prescription medication delivered at the same time discreetly and efficiently to your home.

You will be given your own personal care adviser who will call, or email you each month, providing that all important continuity of care at times when you need it most.

We also have trained, specialist Continence Nurses who can offer you advice and support on issues relating from product choice to ongoing continence management, and a range of other continence and bladder issues, providing reassurance and guidance when you are making important decisions about your health and lifestyle.

If you would like to hear more about Bullen Healthcare and would like to chat things through with one of our personal care advisers just click here and fill in our short enquiry form or call us on 0800 888 501 and one of them will contact you as soon as possible.

"The best part of it is the personal service. What I like is you’re actually speaking to another person. That’s the major bonus of Bullens, as you’re getting that one-to-one conversation and what you actually need."View our customer stories

"Bullens make living with a rare condition so much easier. I never have to worry about my medication or dressings. They even sort out any problems with my doctors. Amazing!"View our customer stories


Skin is the largest organ of your body and is usually an excellent barrier, but for many people keeping skin healthy can be critical. Over a significant number of years we have developed expertise in the delivery of support across a wide range of woundcare needs.

Our expertise has grown significantly due to our relationships with both specialist woundcare product manufacturers and our links with specific charities such as Debra providing their members who have Epidemolysis Bullosa (EB) with a dedicated home delivery service.

Our relationships with specialist woundcare nurses have also been developed over a number of years and we have been privileged to learn from their experience and expertise in this area. Ultimately this enables us to keep involved in the very latest woundcare advances and continually tailor our offering to ensure we can provide the best possible care.

If you would like to hear more about how we could help you please call us today and chat to one of our friendly personal care advisers or alternatively click here to fill in our short enquiry form and someone will be in touch as soon as they can.