The partnerships we have built with charities have been one of the highlights of our development over the past 159 years, and they have now become a big part of the fabric of the Bullens community.

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Working with our charity partners has allowed us to innovate in every aspect of what we do, from service delivery and customer care to dispensing of prescriptions and extending the range of tailored complimentary items. In fact, everything we do with each individual charity is personal to them, like a fingerprint.

We have always believed that collaboration allows us to achieve so much more – the progress we are making in delivering bespoke home delivery services for charities confirms this belief and we will continue to innovate to achieve even more on behalf of them and their valued members.

Spinal Injuries Association

Spinal Injuries Association is the national charity for people with spinal cord injuries. Offering a pathway of support for a newly spinal cord injured person from the time of injury and for the rest of their life.


Shine works across England, Wales and Northern Ireland supporting families and individuals affected by spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Bladder and Bowel Community

The Bladder and Bowel Community (B&BC) is the UK wide service for people with bladder and bowel control problems.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland are Scotland’s voice for people with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and related conditions.

Spinal Injuries Scotland

Spinal Injuries Scotland is the national voluntary organisation concerned with new and long-term spinal cord injured people, their relatives and friends


Debra is a national charity supporting individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), providing essential help and support throughout their lives.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK

Crohn’s & Colitis UK are  the UK’s leading charity for Crohn’s and Colitis. They work to improve diagnosis and treatment, and to fund research into a cure. They raise awareness and give people the hope, comfort and confidence to live freer, fuller lives.