Spycra Protect and our dedicated home delivery service for people living with EB

Delivering all of your wound care products AND your prescription medication


Spycra protect

Spycra Protect is a super-soft silicone adhesive that has a double elastic top layer, with elastic in the length and the width.  Spycra Protect not only helps to prevent the risk of ski tears, irritation and friction, but it is also really skin friendly. The silicone adhesive allows the dressing to stick to the skin, but also allows for a painless and a-traumatic removal.

For people with EB Spycra Protect can be used on skin that is at risk of damage, for example the fingers, soles of the feet, underneath bra straps, watches etc. to help keep skin intact, and to support the fragile skin tissue.

Spycra Protect can be cut to size, and can be left in place for several days to allow the skin to heal. Spycra Protect can also be removed and replaced, allowing easy checking of a healing wound.

Spycra Protect is ideal for use between fingers in dystrophic EB to delay skin webbing, and around fingers when using a pencil.  Some people also find that putting the Spycra around the pencil or around the arms of glasses, helps with preventing skin friction.

Spycra Protect is available on NHS prescription. EB patients should speak to their specialist EB nurse if they would like to try Spycra Protect.

Our EB home delivery service

Lesley, one of our EB customer advisors
"We couldn't survive without Bullens, the deliveries are here within a couple of days, the customer service is amazing "Bullens EB customer

At Bullen Healthcare we provide a fully bespoke and personalised Home Delivery Service for our EB customers.

This is because we have over 160 years' experience in delivering life-changing wound care, stoma and urology products and medication prescriptions. 

The process of signing up to Bullen Healthcare is simple and easy. All you have to do is tell us what you meed and we will do the rest, including contacting your GP. You will no longer have to worry about running out of stock or arranging multiple deliveries - we do all of this within one phone call and your combined dressings and medication is then delivered to your door effectively and discreetly.

We are proud to have been working with DEBRA since 2008 to provide a dedicated home delivery service to the EB community.

Complimentary Items for our EB customers

Bullen Healthcare also offers its EB customers an exclusive number of complimentary items.
Wet wipes

Sterilised wet wipes.

Pack size of 40.

Dry wipes

High quality, large, soft dry wipes.

Available in a pack size of 30.

Hand sanitiser

Discreet pocket size pump spray, ideal when on the go. Kills 99.99% of germs in the first 30 seconds. No alcohol formula and kind to hands.

50 mls.

Bed pads

Super absorbent comfort weave Absorbian core. Waterproof moisture barrier. Core absorbs and locks away any leakage. Compact, light and discreet.

Available in a pack of 8.

Snogg Soft Next

Soft, self-adherent foam
bandage. Doesn’t stick to skin,
hair or wounds. Can be used in
water. Latex free.

Pack size of 3x450cm.

Conti Wipes

Soft patient cleansing dry wipes.

Available in a pack size of 100.


Curved scissors for cutting dressings and bandages. 


Scented disposable bags have been designed for the hygienic and convenient disposal of dressings.

Available in a pack of 30.

Custom Headline

How our service works

Your dedicated personal advisor will call or email you on a pre-arranged date to order your wound care products and medication prescriptions.
Your advisor will complete a stock and well-being "check-in" with you, place your order and arrange a convenient delivery date.
Your wound care products and medication will be delivered by our chosen courier to your door or chosen destination.

Benefits of using Bullens home delivery

  • Dedicated personal advisor, champion, supporter, friend
  • Monthly stock and well-being "check-ins"
  • A great range of tailored complimentary items  which are available with every order
  • A network of specialist support
  • Rapid Response Team for life’s emergencies, 365 days per year
  • We deliver all your dressings and medication prescriptions in one go for your convenience, every month
  • Disposal of the excess cardboard from dressing boxes if required

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