NHS Commissioned Centralised Prescribing Hubs

- Improving patient outcomes - Reducing emergency admissions - Lowering costs to the NHS


Why Bullen Health Care

Bullen has proven expertise operating prescription hubs commissioned by multiple CCGs, a track record of developing new services, experience of clinically managing patient care and efficiently prescribing products. Bullen can scale its current infrastructure to quickly and efficiently mobilise new services within agreed timescales.

Bullen has experience working with local NHS organisations and has existing relationships with Hospitals, Trusts and CCGs across the country. Bullen provides excellent services and employs local people for local jobs.

Bullen’s EMIS license provides a link with the NHS Spine, view SCR and facilitate EPS. Additionally, accuRx integration enables e-consult facilities for interaction with patients.

The model is designed to ensure that it can be integrated into wider health economy footprints to support collaboration within planned ICS structures and future partnership working.

Bullen work collaboratively with commissioners’ incumbent providers. As a product agnostic organisation, Bullen have excellent working relationships with all the urology and stoma manufacturers, including all vertically integrated organisations, without the associated conflicts of interest.

Every point of contact with our patients is seen by our employees as an opportunity to deliver a personal service. They all consider themselves to be specialists in ‘patient care’ regardless of the role they play.

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Healthcare Professionals

We’re proud of the relationships that we have built with healthcare professionals, whether that be the specialist nurses looking after our patients after life changing surgery, to colleagues at the Clinical Commissioning Groups who are working to provide quality patient care under increasingly pressured budgets. Bullen Healthcare are working with CCGs and ICS to help improve the services provided to patients requiring products for incontinence and/or stoma care

Working alongside a team with extensive clinical experience working within the NHS we can help partners:
• Maximise patient outcomes
• Maintain control of cost
• Reduce unplanned admissions & bed days
• Help tackle AMR

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"Before using LUAMS, it was a very unreliable and confusing system to get my products on a regular basis. This was very unsettling and worrying at times. There seemed to be misunderstandings between the GP surgery to the provider. Since LUAMS it has been completely problem free. A massive relief for me and one less thing to worry about. "

LUAMS Patient, December 2020

National Framework for Centralised Prescription Services

For commissioners looking to implement a service quickly and efficiently using a light touch procurement, The National Framework offers a fully compliant commissioning route for all NHS and public sector bodies. Bullen Healthcare were the highest scoring supplier on every lot on the framework, averaging the following on Lots 1-3 (prescription services for Bladder and Bowel):

- Bullen Healthcare: 100%
- Supplier B: 88%
- Supplier C: 64%

This framework is built to help free up GP time and improve prescribing control through the persistent application of the prescribing guidance. By shifting responsibility over to a team of specialist nurses patients can receive added clinical value to their prescribing process. The unique set up of this service will ensure regular patient contact which in turn reduces complications and provides more accessible community support.

In addition to the patient benefits, there are also benefits of this framework for the CCG. This framework will free up both GP and primary care admin time, reduce prescribing costs and reduce patient complications and bladder and bowel related emergency admissions. The framework supports ‘light touch procurement’ and you can choose to direct award or run a mini competition.

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Our Prescription Hub Services

MARSS (Merseyside and Region Stoma Service):

Bullen Healthcare and 6 CCGs (Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Warrington, Halton and Wirral) worked collaboratively to mobilise and launch the Merseyside and Region Stoma Service (MARSS) between July and November 2021 for over 5,000 patients. This centralised community service has been specifically designed to improve the quality of prescribing of stoma products and appliances via specialist nurse input which can deliver significant impact in terms of quality of life, ensuring the best use of NHS resources and freeing up GP time.

This centralised community stoma service ensures patients receive the support from specialist stoma nurses as part of their appliance prescribing and ongoing care as well as provide more accessible community support for patients following discharge from hospital. This new service aims to improve the quality of life for stoma patients by ensuring the service they receive is well co-ordinated, responsive and ensures they receive the correct advice, products and support whilst also releasing GP time and reducing the risk of stoma patients needing urgent or emergency interventions. As part of the new service, patients still have full choice of which community pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor dispenses their stoma appliances.

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LUAMS (Liverpool Urology Appliance Management Service):

LUAMS is a centralised prescribing hub commissioned by Liverpool CCG.
Since the LUAMS service went live Bullen successfully on-boarded 4,674 patients onto the service. The LUAMS service is handling approximately 200 more patients each six months
New patients to the service are 45% less expensive. The average cost per patient per month reduced from £93.55 to £77.13 per patient per month in June 2019 – a 17.5% reduction.

This was initially a tendered two-year pilot, which was subsequently formally tendered and awarded to Bullen for 3+2 years

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"The new Merseyside and Region Stoma Service is very good. I'm on the Wirral and the communication before the service started was clear and informative, the team who contact me each month to order my stoma products are friendly and helpful"

MARSS Patient, September 2021

What do we offer patients?

• A monthly proactive outbound phone call to every patient (unless patients opt for no contact) to undertake a wellbeing and stock check
• Easy access to specialist nurses and specialist clinical pharmacist
• Annual reviews with a specialist nurse in a choice of physical or remote setting
• Ad-hoc reviews identified on the monthly call or patients proactively requesting
• Prescription requests are informed by the patient’s stock check with quantities amended as appropriate
• Prescriptions are raised on EMIS and delivered by EPS within two working days of request to the patient’s chosen dispenser which is verified on each call
• Product reviews are delivered on an individual patient basis by an appropriately qualified nurse, ensuring appropriate, cost-efficient products are prescribed.

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CQC Registration

Bullen Healthcare are CQC registered and have a robust system in place to ensure the best possible patient experience. The protocols in place ensure patients care and treatment integrates with their other health care providers (following our consenting guidelines) and patients are signposted where appropriate. The organisation aims to deliver on the ‘make every contact count’ agenda whilst supporting and promoting self-care.
The services provided are for sensitive conditions and all staff are trained to ensure dignity and respect. Monthly patient and post clinic surveys are obtained to ensure high level of care is provided and patients are actively involved in their care.

Find out how you could benefit from a centralised prescribing hub

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