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One of our friendly advisors will contact you shortly to tell you more about our home delivery service. In the meantime, why not take a look at some of our customer stories or watch a short introduction to Bullen Healthcare from Paul, our managing director.

To Bullen the word ‘family’ means a lot...

Not just because we are a family business but because we deliver a service that allows us to get to know each and every one of our customers personally.

Click the video for a short introduction from our Managing Director Paul, and find out how we are different to other providers.

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What do our customers have to say about the Bullen Home Delivery Service...

"Bullen dealt with everything for me, contacted the doctors, I don’t have to do anything….I don’t have to worry about anything…This is one thing in my life that I’ve been able to look after myself because the process is so easy."

Gary Tudor, Bullen customer

"I forgot to take my colostomy bags and everything with me to my     daughter’s, so I phoned up and spoke to one of the agents…By first delivery,  8am the following morning, they were knocking on my daughter’s door, the Royal Mail with what I needed…" 

Shelagh Price, Bullen customer

"They ring me up the week before the goods are delivered, if I have any problems, any issues, they solve them. They ring my GP, they get the prescription right every time and they have that reliability."

Colum Stauton, Bullen customer

"The home delivery service is a big weight off my shoulders. It saves me going to the chemist to pick up heavy bags and other medication I have to’s a big saving for me. Thank you ever so much for taking good care of me...and for making me laugh when I’m down. 

The healthcare you provide is absolutely priceless.

Susan Evans, Bullen customer