A day with one of our territory managers

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Our marketing intern, Holly spent a day out with Kerry Redman, our North West Territory Manager to find out a bit more about Kerry does.

I recently spent a day shadowing our Territory Manager for the North West, Kerry Redman. I was given the opportunity to gain further knowledge of the relationships that our company has with external bodies and how these relationships are formed and maintained by our External Reps.

Our itinerary for the day included a number of visits to both Hospitals and Health Centres. We started the morning by visiting a hospital to deliver some of our ‘Take Home Packs’ for patients to use when they’re first discharged from hospital. Following this, we met with a continence nurse lead to discuss the launch of a formulary that she has been developing. This meeting was extremely insightful, I was able to observe the relationship that Kerry had built with the nurse over a number of years. I was also able to understand Bullens’ role in supporting the work that the nurse has undertaken over several months to launch a new formulary. The aim of this meeting was to ensure that the new formulary is launched to ultimately improve the care that our patients receive and arrange when this will take place.

From this meeting we met with another continence nurse lead, once again it was clear that the relationships that Kerry has built with these Nurses have taken time and effort and through this she has ensured that there is a great deal of trust between them; which is something that supports our company values.

We then went to meet with two Specialist Irrigation Nurses. During this meeting Kerry discussed ways in which Bullens could support the nurse team. We then delivered an emergency supply of catheter trays to a District Nurse Base. Following this, we then returned back to the Bullens HQ in Liverpool to collect stock for two hospitals so that it could be delivered by Kerry first thing the following morning.

One thing that I have taken away from this experience is how demanding Kerry’s role is. Hospitals, more often than not, need stock as a matter of urgency and this is only possible when there are ready made packs that can be sent out back at the office, or if there is someone who can make up packs as the requests come in. Organisation is key to the role, however I witnessed a number of calls from Hospitals and Health Centres requesting emergency stock in the day that I shadowed Kerry and I can’t imagine the number of requests that might come through on a weekly basis. I have definitely learnt a number of things about the business that I didn’t know and this experience has helped me to better understand the company as a whole.