An interview with Ailsa Dick – SSBA Member

BullensBlog, SBH Scotland

With two children and another one on the way Ailsa Dick tells us how choosing the right Home Delivery service has helped to give her son Baxter the independence he needs and how it provides her with the right support at home.

Described as a typical three year old, ‘lively, happy and into everything’, Baxter’s health and wellbeing is a priority and with support from SSBA Ailsa found a home delivery service that provides a personal approach. “SSBA run regular family groups that are fantastic and it was at one of our meetings that John, from Bullen Healthcare (Bullens), was invited along to talk about how their home delivery service could help.”

With a busy household Ailsa was looking for a service that took away the often time consuming task of ordering all of Baxter’s medication and appliances. Ailsa continues, “Before joining Bullens I would often have to make a number of calls to order Baxter’s essential appliances and prescription medication, and it didn’t always go as smoothly as we needed it to. Listening to John describing the Bullen Healthcare service just made sense and so we decided to make the switch.”

Bullen Healthcare provide a home delivery service to customers across Scotland and work in partnership with a number of charities throughout the UK to deliver urology and stoma appliances and prescription medication discreetly to people’s homes. Ailsa talks about the difference this has made, “Bullens just seemed to understand that we simply need to be able to trust that they will deliver what we need when we need it. This is made easier by the fact that we get a call from the same person each month and they talk us through all of Baxter’s needs – they really do take the time to get to know us as a family.”

For Ailsa and Baxter this has made a huge difference, “Over the past 18 months we have worked alongside Shaun, our personal Bullens adviser, and we have got to know each other really well. This closeness means that Bullens deliver exactly what we need and they can also respond quickly in emergencies if we need them to. Ultimately this means that Baxter can carry on being the lively, independent three year old that he is and with Baxter starting mainstream nursery this year this is more important than ever.”