Bullen Healthcare celebrates Values launch

BullensBullen Healthcare

With a 158 year history it would be no surprise to hear that there have been many changes at Bullen Healthcare over the years. Office moves, commercial growth and new team members have all changed the dynamic of our family business.

However, more recently, we have seen quite a number of significant changes and one of those was the internal launch of our company values. For many years we have operated in a certain way with certain values and we thought it was about time that we made those public.

We embarked on an internal programme, asking groups of our employees what they felt we stood for and the results speak for themselves. They decided that Bullen Healthcare stood for Trust, Respect, Innovation, Collaboration and Excellence and these values have now become a more formal part of the fabric of our everyday working lives.

Including our valuable staff in this process and communicating it company wide has ensured that our customers also feel part of our values and will continue to do so.