Guest Blog – Louise Potter aka Crohnsfighting

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We’re delighted to share the next in our series of guest blogs. This one is by Louise Potter, one of our lovely customers. Louise blogs about life with IBD and a stoma at, you can also find her on Twitter @crohnsfighting. Louise is also one of the co-founders of The IBD & Ostomy support show on YouTube.


So, a little about me

My name is Louise and I’m a 31-year-old ostomate with a permanent ileostomy. I was inspired to blog and share my journey with others after my permanent ileostomy formation in November of 2016. I blog at and am also under the same name on all social media platforms.

I suffer with penetrating refractory Crohns disease and have had it now nearly 14 years. I had a temporary ileostomy from September 2009 – January 2012 due to a bowel perforation and a rather large open wound. This was followed by a bowel resection and then a permanent ileostomy formed in November of 2016 due to having about 2/3rd’s of my small bowel and my ileum removed. This left me with Bile Salt malabsorption and permanent faecal incontinence.

My emergency stoma kit

So, gone are the days of carrying mass clothing just in case I soiled myself. Having the ileostomy formed has changed my life and for the better. Yes, I carry a supply kit with me at all times even though it’s rare for me to leak nowadays. It’s more of a comfort blanket and just in case kind of deal.

What my emergency kit contains:
1. 2 Stoma bags
2. 1 pre-cut template
3. 1 pack of Bullen sterilised wet wipes
4. 4 Bullen dry wipes
5. Brava barrier powder
6. Adapt medical adhesive remover
7. A bottle of Phew to help with bag empties
8. Hand sanitiser, shop brought as I like the smell
9. 1 disposable nappy sack
10. 1 Bullen seal away bag, just in case I have to change in the car or at someone’s house, it hides the evidence
11. 1 sharpie pen to mark out a new base plate, I hate normal felt tip as it rubs off onto my hands
12. 1 pair of curved nail scissors, I find I don’t puncture the bag with these when cutting the bag to size
13. 1 wash bag to carry my supplies in as it fits conveniently into a rucksack or handbag

I always carry this spares kit with me as you never know what may crop up or when a bag leak could occur. I also have a Radar key and Can’t Wait Card that was given to me when my Ileostomy was formed. Bullens home delivery service will offer you a radar key when you first order with them. The key is a godsend for me as I can access any disabled toilet in the UK, this means I can empty my stoma bag and change in the disabled toilets should I leak.