Guest Blog – Modelling for Vanilla Blush – Joanne White


The latest in our series of guest blogs is by Joanne White. Joanne tells us all about her day spent modelling for our friends at Vanilla Blush. Look out for Joanne’s next blog for Bullens, coming soon!

Modelling for Vanilla Blush

Did I ever think 10 years ago after Billy the Bag was attached that I would be sitting in a room full of strangers in just my underwear and high heels? Never!

Here I was in Manchester in a bar (which had to shut especially for us) with other like-minded bag wearers to do a photo shoot for Vanilla Blush. We had the job of modelling the gorgeous knickers, swimwear and support vests whilst trying to look sexy! I’m not one for parading around in my underwear at home never mind in front of a camera so this was going to be a challenge.

We had arrived in Manchester the previous night and stayed in a local hotel, but as I was the last to arrive and quite late I hadn’t really had a chance to bond with the rest- except of course for my beautiful Irish roommate. We talked to the wee small hours and got about 3 hours sleep- not the best idea when you have to be up early and looking your best.

Let the day begin…

The morning was a flurry of hair and makeup and just getting to know everyone. It was really interesting listening to everybody’s story and their individual journey of becoming an ostomate and coping with their stomas. We had both male and female models of all shapes, sizes and ages- from teenager to pensioner. I am somewhere in the middle.

So for my first shoot I was asked to lounge in a chair on what can only be described as a rather large windowsill (looking like Gwen Stephanie). The photographer was great and did his best to make me feel comfortable, but having to appear sexy and look at a 19-year-old is quite challenging when you are on the wrong side of 40- I could see the similarity to the ladies in Amsterdam!!

For one of my shoots I wore a thong and so it was my rear end they wanted to photograph- that felt really weird- shoving my ass in the faces of young men- it was only days after the shoot that I realised the thong was 2 sizes smaller than I normally wear- no wonder my bum looked enormous!

As the day progressed we all became more comfortable with each other and with the camera- we had such a laugh- especially when we had to do the group swimwear photo. My boobs were falling out and one of the male models’ shorts were rather tight which left nothing to the imagination…

My most memorable photo was when I had to model the Intimacy knickers (crotchless to you and I) with one of the male models, having to look at him in the eye with a “don’t you dare even think about it” look whilst my stiletto is on his chest was hilarious and It certainly took a few takes to get it right- hopefully I didn’t traumatise Steve too much.

Although this was something I never thought I would ever be asked to do, I’m so glad I got the chance to take part. It gave me so much confidence and I couldn’t help but feel sexy. Having a stoma isn’t the end of the world- for me it has not only relieved me of pain but has opened doors to new experiences and challenges and I have met so many wonderful and inspirational people. Thank you Nicola Dames.