Meet the Bullens Team – Mariama Djaura

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The latest in our blog series about the team here at Bullens is written by Mariama Djuara. Mariama is currently our Marketing Assistant and is working with us for the next 12 months as part of her Business Studies degree at Liverpool John Moores University.  Mariama came to Bullens not knowing anything about stomas, or urology products, so going to the Southport Stoma Care Open Day was a great opportunity for her to find out more about all the manufacturers and the products that are available.

My first Stoma Care Open Day 

On July 25th I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Stoma Care Open Day held by the Southport Stoma Care Team at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Southport. I have to admit, it was an eventful day. I had the great pleasure to meet people with a stoma, their relatives and carers and I gained up-to-date information on stoma products and services available.

Most people I work with at Bullens, especially Sue (our Digital Marketing Manager), have explained to me that stomas can be manageable, it helps change and save people’s lives for the better. I have to say after attending this event, I realised that they weren’t wrong. The room was full of stoma care nurses together with many other companies that provide products and services to ostomy patients, all of whom were willing to share information and give advice to everyone. It was really a great opportunity for patients to get together to share information and meet with others who are living with a stoma.

I also had the perfect opportunity to meet all the major manufacturers and to sample the products they offer. One thing that you all have to just agree with me on,  is that out of all of the different companies stands in the room, Bullens was the number 1 of course, thanks to Sue, and our External sales territory manager, Kerry. People were impressed with the services we provide and the amount of free complimentary items we offer.

It was really good to learn about all the different products that are available to people living with a stoma, and how they all benefit them.  There’s so many different products out there, I was amazed.  What’s really great is that as Bullens is independent we can supply all of those products.

Another company that blew my mind away with their products was Bullens very own friend Vanilla Blush. Have you seen their undies and their swimwear? I was just like wow when I saw the stunning designs they displayed. Their undies felt very comfortable and I noticed that they are designed to hold the patient’s stoma bags so they won’t have to feel the bag next to their skin nor sweatiness. The fabric and the designs are just fab, I really wanted to grab one for myself.

I have to say, the Stoma care open day has to be one of the most enjoyable and educational events I have been to. I was completely amazed with the mixture of healthcare companies and manufacturers that were there to share information and advice for people living with a stoma.

This may sound a bit weird but, I remember sitting on the carpet next to Bullens stand admiring how Sue was chatting to one of the patients passing by the Bullens Stand. The guy wasn’t even a Bullens customer but yet still Sue was very friendly with him, they were chatting about golf, the weather, and it was just overwhelming. I was amazed by the benefits that stoma patients and their relatives can actually get from attending these events. Also that was the moment I actually thought to myself, yes, now I definitely agree that Bullens provides the best home delivery service and I can see why our team form such a great relationship with their customers