Results of the 2018 Dispensing Appliance Contractor Survey

BullensBlog, Bullen Healthcare

As part of our contract with the NHS we have to prepare a report every year on what our customers think about our service. The Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC) questionnaire is designed and produced centrally, and all DACs (stoma/urology home delivery companies) are required to send them out annually to a random sample of patients.

We sent out questionnaires to 2,500 patients and received 811 back, which is a response rate of 32% which is fantastic.

We were delighted with the results of the survey, as overall they were really positive. When asked to rate our overall service, 95% of our customers said it was Excellent or Good. 96% said that it was Very Easy or Fairly Easy to contact us, and 79% said that delivery was prompt.

It was the lovely comments from our customers that really pleased us. So many of you had such lovely things to say about our service and our staff.

“I have always found all your staff to be very helpful. Your staff provide excellent customer service, with a personal touch and understanding!”

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and we hope to be able to report even better results next year. You can read the full report here.