SIA Healthcare celebrates a successful first year

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SIA Healthcare celebrates a successful first year

It has been a year of celebrations for us at SIA and launching our new home delivery service, SIA Healthcare, during our 40th Anniversary was a key milestone.

Throughout the year there has been a lot of activity as we took to the phones to tell our members about our new service and sent our Outreach Relationship Managers, Stephen Burns and Pete Hutchings, into the spinal centres, spreading the word about the benefits of SIA Healthcare.

As we celebrate the 1st Anniversary of SIA Healthcare we look back at some of the highlights of our year and take the opportunity to celebrate how much we have achieved and say ‘Thank-You’ to those who have supported us along the way and of course to over 1000 members who have joined our new service.


March 2014

A night to remember as we launch SIA Healthcare in the Concord Conference Centre at Manchester Airport to an audience of over 600 guests at the Cornflower Ball. Jonathan Fogarty made the announcement and we watched with anticipation as everyone on Twitter and Facebook sent us their best wishes and support. It was a special night and one that we won’t forget.

April 2014

We were delighted to inform the wider SIA membership about the launch of SIA Healthcare with an article in Forward magazine and an overview of the service from Jonathan Fogarty. It was well received by all. It was also time for our new Outreach Relationship Managers, Stephen Burns and Pete Hutchings, to meet the world and attend the Inter Spinal Unit Games at Stoke Mandeville. They had a great couple of days talking to those taking part and witnessing some fantastic sporting achievements.

June 2014

The SIA Healthcare team attended the Rebuilding Lives after SCI Awards and joined Bullen Healthcare in Sponsoring the Outstanding Nurse Award. Fantastic recognition for all of the healthcare professionals working within the spinal centres and especially for Paul Harrison who was overall winner on the night.

September 2014

Just six short months since we launched and already we have welcomed over 800 members to SIA Healthcare. This month we were also proud to be part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations and witness the success of our new service offering during such a milestone year.

October 2014

The month we met with Royalty! Our annual AGM is always an important date in our events calendar but more so this year as we welcomed HRH Princess Anne, our Patron, along for the day. Stephen Burns, Regional Outreach Manager for SIA Healthcare had the privilege of meeting with her and telling her all about his work across the spinal centres in the North. Definitely one of our best days!

November 2014

What an amazing surprise as we welcomed Oliver Thorn, our 1000th SIA Healthcare member, into our growing community. We had always hoped that our new service would benefit spinal cord injured people and their families and this milestone demonstrated that it is. Being able to see, and hear about, improvements in how SCI people receive essential appliances, medication and support is important to us and we look forward to welcoming the next 1000 and more to the service!

January 2015

We started the year on a high note with an extensive research project with over 200 of our SIA Healthcare customers. They told us how they are finding the service more personal and more reliable. They enjoy talking to us regularly on the telephone, and feel comforted knowing that there is always someone to contact for support. They love the convenience of getting their appliances and medication in the same delivery and the complimentary items are really making a difference. One of the things that has delighted us the most – that 100% of those asked said they would recommend us to a friend. We couldn’t ask for more than that.

People we want to thank

– The 1400 SIA members who have chosen SIA Healthcare as their home delivery service – we value each and every one of you
– The healthcare professionals across the UK who continue to support us and spinal cord injured people within the units
– Over 200 SIAH customers who took part in our research – your feedback and guidance is welcomed
– Those who have kindly sent us your lovely testimonials and comments – they are a constant reminder of how important our service is
– All of our SIA Healthcare team and the wider SIA team who are involved in making sure the service runs smoothly – you are the heart of everything that we do