Spycra Protect

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At Bullen Healthcare we are delighted to be the UK distributor for Spycra Protect, a unique silicone dressing that is designed to protect skin from friction, and heal minor wounds for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

The technology in Spycra Protect was originally designed for the professional sports market, there’s a lot of friction points when you are a professional cyclist! It was a light bulb moment to realise that the Reskin technology could also be integrated into wound care dressings.

Spycra Protect is a super-soft silicone adhesive that has a double elastic top layer, with elastic in the length and the width. Spycra Protect not only helps to prevent the risk of ski tears, irritation and friction, but it is also really skin friendly. The silicone adhesive allows the dressing to stick to the skin, but also allows for a painless and a-traumatic removal.

For people with EB Spycra Protect can be used on skin that is at risk of damage, for example the fingers, soles of the feet, underneath bra straps, watches etc. to help keep skin intact, and to support the fragile skin tissue.

Spycra Protect can be cut to size, and can be left in place for several days to allow the skin to heal. Spycra Protect can also be removed and replaced, allowing easy checking of a healing wound.

Spycra Protect is ideal for use between fingers in dystrophic EB to delay skin webbing, and around fingers when using a pencil. Some people also find that putting the Spycra around the pencil or around the arms of glasses, helps with preventing skin friction.

Spycra Protect is available on NHS prescription. EB patients should speak to their specialist EB nurse if they would like to try Spycra Protect.

For more information about EB you can contact Debra, the UK charity for people with EB.